Hybrid Wind Controller 1000w MPPT Solar Wind Charge Controller With Push Buck Function

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Hybrid Wind Controller 1000w MPPT Solar Wind Charge Controller With Push Buck Function
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Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Μάρκα: Listen
Model Number: LHLM005-05/24
Rated Voltage: 24V
Maximum Current: 40A
Application: Wind Controller
Customized: Yes
Gross Weight: 2.5KG
Display`: LCD
Max wind input voltage: 120vac
Wind Turbine Charge Mode: MPPT
Solar Panel Charge Mode: PWM
Communication Port: RS232 RS485
wind: 500w
solar: 500w
Warranty: 2 years
Βασικές πληροφορίες
Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Μάρκα: Listen
Model Number: LHLM005-05/24
Πληρωμής & Αποστολής Όροι
Packaging Details: Carton box and plywood are usually used as package,this also can be customized
Supply Ability: 2000 Set/Sets per Month
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Product Description

Wind & Solar hybrid charge controller

500w wind, 400w solar -- 24v with free software

Functions and Features

♦ Wind Turbine and Load Adaptive Impedance Matching, maximize energy utilization.
There is internal resistance in Wind generators, batteries and loads. According to impedance matching principle, only when input impedance equals to output impedance, power utilization is maximal, get the maximum power.
♦ Protect wind generator from over-revolution speed, over-voltage and over-current
Max revolution speed, max voltage and max current of wind generator could be set. Once the actual revolution speed, voltage or current over the set ones, PWM intelligent unloading will start automatically. That protect wind generator.
♦ Intelligent limiting of batteries max current
Batteries maximum capacity could be set through this controller. According to the set maximum capacity, controller could calculate the maximum charging current. Then batteries will be protected.
♦ Two DC output, each one has 9 output modes
♦ Function of manual brake
♦ Wind charging manual switch
♦ Solar charging manual switch
♦ DC output manual switch
♦ BOOST and BUCK function

Rated wind power
Rated solar power
Nominal system voltage
Max. solar input voltage
Under voltage (Low)
Under voltage recovery voltage(Rlow)
Over voltage(Full)
13.2Over voltage recovery voltage(RFull)
Float voltage(Flot)
Over-load voltage(Out)
Over-load recovery voltage(ROut)
Wind dumpload rotate speed(Rota)
Wind pole logarithm(Pole)
Wind charging range
DC (10-80)V
Wind start charging voltage(CutIn)
Wind dumpload voltage(Vmax)
Solar voltage of light-control on (Lon)
Solar voltage of light-control off (Loff)
Rated output current
1st output working mode(Mode)
Mode 1: Light-control on. Light-control off (adjustable)
2nd output working mode(Mode)
Mode 2: Light-control on. Full power working for 5 hours, light off (adjustable)
Dump load control mode
Over rotate speed limiting, Over voltage limiting, Over Current limiting, PWM

Wind charging mode
MPPT(Boost & Buck) & PWM
Solar charging mode
Display mode

Display content
Battery: voltage;charging current; Percentage of battery power.
Wind: voltage; charging current; rotate speed; output current; output power
Solar: voltage; charging current.
Loads: current; power; working mode.
System: state; generated energy; error code
Operating temperature & Relative humidity
Quiescent power drain

Protection type
Battery: over-discharge protection; over-charge protection; anti-reverse connection.
Wind: Over rotate speed protection, over voltage protection, over current protection.
Loads: Over-load protection
Communication function
RS232 is free, RS485 need additional payment.
Detailed Images
System connection

Free Software

The software is easy to operate need not to be installed. You can browse and set parameters on PC through the software. You can download the software from official website. http://www.03ne.com/en_version/ziliao/

Browsing interface on PC:

What is MPPT

When wind generator voltage is lower than battery, controller starts boost module automatically, then wind generator voltage is increased to the charging voltage, this is boost charging. When wind generator voltage is higher than battery, in order to acquire max power, buck module of controller will be started, this is buck charging.
Loads lower the revolution speed of wind generator, when it is breeze. That decreases the output power of wind generator. Through max current tracking (MCT) and max power point tracking (MPPT), output of wind generator is stabilized at the max balance of wind energy utilization. Combine with boost and buck function, wind energy utilization is increased.

Packing & Delivery
Controller size
Package size
Net weight
Gross weight
Neutral brown carton with Foam packaging material for unit products. Wooden case can be customized.
2 working days for produce sample order, large quantitan order delivery time can be discussed.
Contact information

Hi, I'm Emily

Tel:+86 152 5627 3957
Fax:0086 551 6573 2123
Wechat:0086 152 5627 3957

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Website: www.03ne.com

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